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Business Background

Zeljko Ljuna Started working in the customer service industry at the age of 16. However, after graduating high school he was offered an entry-level apprenticeship job as an electric mechanic. Zeljko enjoyed building and repairing large electric motors. Throughout his 9 years of experience, he became an expert mechanic.

After a long career as an electric mechanic, Zeljko started to evaluate what made him happy in his career, and the answer was simple. The satisfaction was not in repairing and building motors, but it was the interaction with customers and their satisfaction with his work. Therefore, Zeljko made a decision to change his career to a Technical Service Representative, at Unipress. This new career path allowed Zeljko to work with customers, troubleshoot equipment over the phone, sell parts, travel to customers’ plants, and be a part of a trade show. This customer interaction was enlightening; which led Zeljko to wanting more.

Zeljko’s interests in real estate all started while helping his brother through a home purchase. From finding a real estate agent to searching for homes, Zeljko desired to be a part of the process. Therefore, he made a decision to pursue a career in real estate because he wanted to help people find their perfect place to call home.

Today, Zeljko is a full-time real estate agent and a founder of LaundryCore LLC. When Zeljko is not helping people find their homes, he is contracting his expertise to professional dry cleaning plants, offering mechanical services and parts.

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Community Involvement

Zeljko enjoys volunteering at a public school by helping his sister in law and her co-workers set up their classrooms. Zeljko also enjoys participating in a variety of events with his brother’s company; volunteering with the Humane Society, beach clean up, and making goody bags to pass out to the homeless.

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Personal Info

If you are wondering what the origin of Zeljko’s name is, don’t wonder anymore! Zeljko was born in Croatia. His family moved to the United States when he was a teenager. He is bi-lingual speaking both English and Croatian. Zeljko and his wife live in Temple Terrace; where they enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. Zeljko’s perfect day is somewhere outside the house, exploring the city, or walking through the park. When he is at home, he likes to watch Sports, movies, documentaries, TV shows, as well as, reading about current events.

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10 Interesting Things You Need to Know About...
Zeljko Ljuna

Proudest Moment?
My proudest moment was buying my first home at the age of 24.

Perfect Day?
The perfect would be a sunny day on the beach spent with family and friends, barbecuing, and enjoying the sunset over the ocean while sipping on a cold beer.

Favorite Neighborhood?
Temple Terrace is my favorite neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area because it's in a good location. Temple Terrace is not too far from downtown Tampa, close to the beaches, there are attractions nearby, and it has a small town feel yet in a big city.

Superhero Power?
Mind reading

Experience Checked off Bucket List
Climbed Dunn River Waterfalls in Ocho Rio Jamaica.

Favorite Board/Card Game?
I enjoy playing Chess and Texas Holdem.

What's for Dinner Tonight?
Chicken parmesan with a side of mixed vegetables.

I am inspired by my parents, who made a brave move by coming to America seeking better opportunities.

Most Binge-Watched Show?
Breaking Bad

Best Business Advice?
Be humble, listen twice as much as you speak.


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