Vision Statement

To become and remain the most respected and most well known residential real estate brokerage in the country.

Mission Statement

The Hohman Homes Team will produce and retain engaged Teammates who are joyful, compassionate, mindful, and competitive; will exceed our Partners’ expectations; will enhance our local communities; will improve the quality of the living environment; and will return dividends on invested capital to our Teammates.

Core Values

In the Mission Statement of Hohman Homes, we are directed to recruit and retain joyful, compassionate, mindful, and competitive Teammates. These four ideals are our principles and standards of behavior. These are the foundational truths that govern our beliefs and attitudes.

Joy is exultant happiness. Joy is high-spirited delight. Joy is a feeling of great pleasure. Everyone wants to be around a joyful person. Joyful people make better Teammates simply by being themselves. Better Teammates make a better Team. Teammates who are happy with their jobs produce significantly better results for themselves and for their Team. Nobody wants to be around or work with people who are unhappy, unpleasant, or mean. Joy is infectious and the more you have the more you can spread it.

It is not enough to just know what another person is feeling. To have a positive, meaningful impact on someone when dealing with their concerns and issues, you should explicitly tell them that you care about their situation and then show them you are doing something to address their concerns. Our compassionate Teammates put the needs and wants of others ahead of their own needs and wants whenever possible. Compassionate people not only go out of their way to help people, but they also strive to showcase fairness, openness, and justice for all.

Mindfulness, being aware of everything that is happening around you, is the best way to view the world. Mindful people see beyond “right” and “wrong” and make decisions that aren’t based on prejudice or anticipation. Mindful people have a better sense of their own responsibilities. They focus better, they can tune out distractions. Mindful people are happier and less stressed. Mindful people have enhanced relationships and social interactions. Mindful people, above all else, are problem solvers.

Like a professional baseball team, we are Teammates who work together as one to accomplish our goals. We also strive to improve our individual performances to better enhance ourselves and the Team. As competitive Teammates, we value the practice, the fundamentals, the preseason, the regular season, the postseason, the referees, the officials, the fans, and the opponents just as much as we mourn losing and cherish winning. Winning simply for winning’s sake takes for granted everything that goes into a competition. If you only value winning, you may be tempted to do anything, ethical or unethical, to get the victory. Competitive people yearn for a challenge and are willing to learn and better themselves after suffering from defeat. Competitive people will always give their best efforts against a respected opponent in any arena where their skills can be put to the test. And most importantly, competitive people will always shake the hand of their opponent if they lose.


These are the distinguishing features we look for in the personal nature of our Recruits, and the features we reinforce in our Teammates. The characteristics have become completely involuntary or without effort for us to perform. In other words, they are who we are. Using our 4 Core Values in combination with these 11 Traits, our Teammates can accomplish anything in their businesses.

You act like a leader, even if you aren't in a leadership role. You don't wait to be told what to do, you just do the right thing. You thrive on freedom and are worthy of it. You make wise decisions despite ambiguity.

You inspire others with your commitment and drive. You celebrate individual and team wins, and you mourn over losses. You want to provide the best of yourself to a task even if it will never directly benefit you.

You are clear, concise, and effective in speech and writing. You communicate as much by listening as you do by speaking and writing. You maintain calm poise in stressful situations. You can explain the most complex of theories in the simplest of ways without patronizing. You learn more as a teacher than as a student.

You are eager to learn new things about familiar topics and old things about unfamiliar topics. You catch on quickly to new ideas and changes. You learn more from the questions you ask than the answers you receive. You aren't afraid to ask “why” about anything known or unknown.

You accomplish amazing amounts of important work. You demonstrate consistently strong performance so your Teammates and Partners can rely upon you. You focus on great results that rely on great processes. You separate what must be done well now, and what can be improved later. 

You understand that rules can be bent but never broken. You never take the praise or the accolades for something that was done as a team. You treat others the way they want to be treated. You always shake the hand of your opponent after defeat. You heed the advice and lessons of your elders and teachers.

You say what you think even if it is controversial. You make tough decisions without agonizing. You take smart risks. You question actions inconsistent with our Vision and Mission Statements. You ignore criticism and taunts in pursuit of the right decision.

You keep your commitments and make your actions in accordance with your words. You are able to disagree with someone in a passionate yet responsible and articulate way. You only say things about fellow Teammates that you will say to their face. You are quick to admit mistakes.

You draw upon a wide range of topics to discover solutions to problems. You think of problems that have not yet been identified. You invent great processes that lead to exceptional results. You have no fear of failing when trying something new. You seek to learn as much as possible from a failure and implement those findings as quickly as possible.

You seek what is best for the Team rather than yourself. Your first priority is the priority of others. You share information openly and proactively with your Teammates. You do things as if someone was watching you even when no one is. You never complain that something isn't your job.

You do what is right, even if it costs you in the short run, because it is right for the Team in the long run. You let others go first, even if it is your turn. You believe good results can happen now, but great results happen over time.

You understand and acknowledge that nothing can be completed without the help from your Teammates. You are quick to boast about the accomplishments of others. You place the blame on yourself when your students fail to grasp the lesson of your teachings.

You say the words “thank you” and “congratulations” more than any others. You do not hesitate to help when someone asks you for it. You give back in time, talents, and treasures without asking for a reward.

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