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Business Background

Growing up I've observed my father own and operate an auto body shop in Tampa,FL and have helped him through out the years with day-to-day business inquiries. Besides auto body work, hospitality has been a major part of my career path since I was a little girl. I enjoy working with all types of people and being able to help others accomplish their sales goals in restaurants and in their every day life.

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Community Involvement

I recently relocated to the Odessa, FL area and I'm currently excited to be checking out some of our local organizations that focus on children and animal and animals with needs. It's important to me to give back for all that I have been given!

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Personal Info

Born and raised in Tampa, Fl. I have a passion for American muscle cars and working really hard toward my goals. Quality time with my family, friends and my dog, Sophia, is my absolute favorite thing to do. My inspiration comes from my father, boyfriend, and identical twin sister. Life is short and I'm so excited to learn more and grow more in my real estate career.

"Buy the perfect home so a car looks good in the driveway."

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10 Interesting Things You Need to Know About...
Harley Arsenault

Proudest Moment?
Graduating High School.

Perfect Day?
A day with no sadness.

Favorite Neighborhood?
West Park Village. 

Superhero Power?
To give others motivation instantly.

Experience Checked off Bucket List?
Traveling during the week.

Favorite Board/Card Game?

What's for Dinner Tonight?
Chicken parmigiana.

My Dad, he inspires me every day. .

Most Binge-Watched Show?
Hawaii 5-0.

Best Business Advice?
"Give it time to build you business, it won't happen over night."

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