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Business Background

I have extensive experience in the areas Accounting, Finance, business process improvement going back 20 plus years. I worked for a few large finance companies. Attained a double Bachelors in Accounting and Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida. I am best at working as the liaison between IT Development groups and accounting/finance groups. Very experienced in the area of financial operations, especially getting a detail understanding of a company’s revenue streams and operation expenses. With my advance experience with database management systems, I have a strong appreciation for the various MLS applications, especially Matrix, RPR, iMAPP, Realist and Cloud CMA.

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Community Involvement

Prior community work involved privately tutoring math to Middle School students and 9th graders as well.

I looking forward to becoming a member of the GTRs’ Professional Development Committee and the Communications Committee, beginning 2019.

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Personal Info

I relocated to the Tampa Bay area from New York in 1994. Lived in Clearwater, St. Pete, Carrollwood, Lutz and currently, Riverview. After being laid off from my contract employment this past June, I started the pre-licensing class in late June 2018, completed the state exam on August 24th and registered with GTR on August 30th. I became a regular attendee for GTR/MLS classes since then. I am a sports junkie, my favorite sports to watch on TV including International Soccer, PGA Tour, Grand Slam Tennis, Thoroughbred Racing, MLB playoffs, NBA Playoffs, Track and Field. Enjoy playing tennis, would like to learn how to play the game of golf.

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10 Interesting Things You Need to Know About...
Calvin Cyrus

Favorite Moment?
My favorite professional experience was interviewing for a Business Analyst with a Global Financial company and got an acceptance the same day. Those were the good ole days.

Perfect Day?
A day that I would like to experience is to attend the Kentucky Derby and it does not rain that weekend. I have been watching this race on TV for decades and would like to experience the atmosphere.

Favorite Neighborhood?
Riverview, this is where I have been living for the last ten years. The longest, I have lived in any city in the US.

Superhero Power?
Because of my love for history, time travel would be a special superpower of mine.

Experience Checked off Bucket List?
Venturing into the real estate industry to potentially start a business of my own for the future.

Favorite Board/Card Game?
My favorite card game is Solitaire.

What's for Dinner Tonight?
It is going to vary, I frequently cook baked chicken, steamed salmon, baked turkey drumsticks or thighs. Also, eats rice frequently as well as cooked vegetables.

Having a greater understanding of the different religious sectors, world history and an appreciation for the sciences.

Most Binge-Watched Show?
Sports talk shows on ESPN and FOX Sports on Mondays especially.

Best Business Advice?
To have a better appreciation for the world of sales and marketing, because those skills are the keys to the generation of revenues.

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