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Business Background

I have a strong background in customer service and with working directly with the public. Once I got my real estate license, I was very successful selling real estate. I also worked in the banking and mortgage industry and as an income tax preparer. I have 30 plus years in customer service .

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Community Involvement

Before moving to the Tampa Area, I was deeply involved with the real estate board in Jacksonville and with the Jaxreia investment group. I plan on doing the same here in Tampa Bay

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Personal Info

When I'm not working, I spend time with my grandson and I do go to Jax to get my grandson.. What brought me to the Tampa Bay Area is my 89 yr old dad to help him thru his alzhiemers/ Ive been staying with him so he can stay in his home..

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Bridget Bright
cell: (863) 660-4975

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10 Interesting Things You Need to Know About...
Bridget Bright

Proudest Moment?
Watching my youngest daughter get her college degree

Perfect Day?
Writing a real estate contract

Favorite Neighborhood?
Ybor City

Superhero Power?
Not sure

Experience Checked off Bucket List
I'm not debt free, but I can breath again

Favorite Board/Card Game?

What's for Dinner Tonight?
Cheese toast

My grandkids

Most Binge-Watched Show?
The First 48 hrs

Best Business Advice?
How to invest money


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