Hohman Homes 6-Month Review

Hohman Homes has officially made it through its first two full quarters of operations. The first half of 2017 has been an amazing journey, and I am thankful for all of the support, dedication, and resources of the community in helping Hohman Homes succeed.

To show my appreciation, I'd like to share with everyone what we've been up to at Hohman Homes since our founding last November.

Our Launch

In January, we held our Launch Party at Cask Social Kitchen in South Tampa. The party was a smashing success, with nearly 80 attendees (on a Wednesday no less!) It was fantastic to have such support from our friends, family, and community members.

Launch Party!

3, 2, 1... Launch!

We gave away free drinks and free food and raffled off two lower-level tickets to a Tampa Bay Lightning game. If you weren't there, you missed out on a great party.

Click here to see some pictures and a recap of the Launch Party.

The Launch Party was such a great success that we hope to throw a Hohman Homes Birthday Party every January. Stay tuned in the fall for more details there.

Our Team

When we opened our doors in November of 2016, the team consisted of myself as the broker/owner and my wife, Jessica, as the Vice President of Operations. Very soon after launching the brokerage we brought on our first real estate agent Teammate, Andrew Hohman. (Or, as he's referred to around the office: Grandy. Grandpa + Andy = Grandy.)

After the thrill of the Launch Party, and after we worked out all the bugs and kinks with the opening of a brokerage, I quickly started the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process.

The applications started coming through the doors on day one of hanging my now hiring sign. I have received nearly 150 applications for the Teammate position since March. Fortunately, after sifting through some highly - and not so highly - qualified candidates, I asked three special people to join the Hohman Homes Team: Dixie Ray, Nassoma Lewis, and Juan Rodriguez.

It takes a lot to start your own company, but it takes even more faith to join a start up company that likes to do things a little differently. If you want to experience what professionalism looks like in a real estate agent, look no further than the members of our Team.

Wrigley Hohman

Director of Cuteness

Oh yea, I almost forgot the most important member of our Team, our Director of Cuteness, Wrigley P. Hohman.

Our Community Service

The Learn. Work. Give. Program at Hohman Homes is one of our signature program that allows us as a team to give back to the community. We are charged by the third and fourth ideal in our mission statement to give back to the community and to serve those less fortunate that we are. Even though we are a small and new company, we can still share our time, talents, and treasures with those around us.

I am proud to say, that through the first six months of 2017, Hohman Homes has supported four different charitable and community focused organizations with contributions totaling $1,325.00. Great job team!

Click here to see the full list of organizations we have supported so far.

Our Sales

The fifth ideal of our mission statement is to return dividends on invested capital to our Teammates. That means when our Teammates excel our Team benefits, and when the Team benefits our Teammates are rewarded. As the owner of this brokerage, I not only preach the perks of being a good Teammate, but I put my money where my mouth is and reward Teammates who really show they care about encouraging and helping their teammates.

That being said, I am happy to announce that in the first of 2017, Hohman Homes closed its first every listing, its first ever buyer, and its first ever tenant placement client. (Neat-o gang!) Not only did we close one of each, but we closed several more buyers in that same time frame. Plus, we have more listings, buyers, and renters under contract moving into the third quarter of 2017. Our sales volume for the first half of 2017 was $1,579,000.00 with nearly another $1,000,000.00 under contract heading into the third quarter of 2017.


The proof is in the pudding. When you have clear vision and mission statements combined with the right core values implemented by the right Teammates, organizational excellence is the next stop on this journey.

Our Future

In November of 2016 I laid out several goals for Hohman Homes. I developed everything from the vision, mission, and core values and how they would serve us as a business all the way to Teammate count and to revenue goals.

As you can see, for a start-up that's less than a year old in a space that has been around for over 100 years, we are certainly making some great progress. But to truly accomplish our goals and get to where we want to be we will need your help!

If you are a real estate agent interested in joining the Hohman Homes team, or if you think you're interested in getting your real estate license we want to talk with you!

If you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a new place here in Tampa Bay, or if you have a friend or family member that is looking to buy, sell, or rent a new place here or anywhere across the country we want to talk with you too!

Share your story with us and help us grow into the next great real estate company. Thanks for reading my update, and here's to a great second half of 2017!

-Nico Hohman

Nico Hohman

Nico Hohman is the broker/owner of Hohman Homes, a residential real estate brokerage based in Tampa, Fla. Nico is also a contributing author to Realtor Magazine and Inman News, the innovative news source for the real estate industry. Nico has contributed his time and talents to better the standards of the real estate industry and the local community by leading and serving on committees at Greater Tampa Realtors, Emerge Tampa Bay, the University of Florida School of Construction Management Alumni Council, Toastmasters International, Nativity Catholic School, and Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Guild. Plus, every fall, Coach Hohman is the Head Golf Coach at Jesuit High School of Tampa.


Since he began practicing full time in the residential real estate in the fall of 2014, Nico has been involved in the transaction and management of over 100 properties with a total value of nearly $20,000,000.


With a degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida and past experience in the home building and remodeling industries, Nico focuses on helping homebuyers find and purchase new construction homes. He also helps home sellers looking to sell their properties that also require significant renovation.