Tips On Moving to a New City

The following blog post is from one of our Teammates Lindsey Shindel on advice not only from her own experience of moving to the Tampa area, but also for advice for other young professionals moving here too.

One question I typically get is “How did you and your fiancé just move to a new state?” Because moving to a new city is scary, but It’s also super exciting to anticipate what you’ll discover. From my own personal experience, here are some helpful tips on moving to a new city and state:

Hohman Homes Teammate Lindsey Shindel in Downtown, Tampa, Fla.

Hohman Homes Teammate Lindsey Shindel in Downtown, Tampa, Fla.

1) Save, Save, Save

I never realized how costly multiple-states move could be (aside from the usual gas expenses, moving vehicle rentals, move in costs of a new place, etc.) I didn’t realize that once we got here, just how pricey changing the tags and title over on your car is, as well as updating your new license. In the state of Florida you have 30 days to do this, so try and have the money saved up before hand! We moved on a whim and this part was doable but tricky, and could’ve been easier had we factored that part in.

2) Have a Job Lined Up

I know it is hard to find a job in an area where you have zero clue what’s around it, or how close it’ll even be (with traffic) from where you’ll be living. But that’s one huge stress alleviated in the moving process. And if you don’t like the job and gave it a fair shot, there’s nothing saying you can’t grow and move on. Life is about those stepping stones.

3) I Won’t Have Any Friends

That was one of my biggest concerns. I was so worried about being lonely. And the jobs I worked initially weren’t the best for making friends. That when I discovered an app for friend making! Bumble BFF helped me meet ALL my friends, and network with so many amazing local people! Now I know where all the local meet-ups are happening and I’m constantly meeting new and exciting people. So if you’re moving to a new city, see how popular that app is around you. You never know what friends are out there worried about the same thing you are, looking for friends too!

4) Have a Plan. But Don’t Be Afraid to Jump In and Figure it Out

Whether you’re moving alone or with your significant other, I’m thank we had a plan. Even if it didn’t always go accordingly, all of the times we took that leap, it lead us to where we are today, and that is something I’m beyond thankful for. Again with the stepping stone analogy, life really is a matter of stepping stones getting you to the next chapter.

5) Don’t Give Up.

You will feel established again. Not right away, but in time. I remember feeling like I could just give up and move back to where I came from. I was so upset. But we just uprooted our entire life, that shock and transition takes time to adjust to. Be patient with yourself. Each day is a chance to learn your new city, learn the traffic patterns, and learn the vibe of the people in that city. There’s so much growth that happens when you leave the comfort of your home town. Live like a tourist and explore your new life!

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Nico Hohman

Nico Hohman is the broker/owner of Hohman Homes, a residential real estate brokerage based in Tampa, Fla. Nico is also a contributing author to Realtor Magazine and Inman News, the innovative news source for the real estate industry. Nico has contributed his time and talents to better the standards of the real estate industry and the local community by leading and serving on committees at Greater Tampa Realtors, Emerge Tampa Bay, the University of Florida School of Construction Management Alumni Council, Toastmasters International, Nativity Catholic School, and Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Guild. Plus, every fall, Coach Hohman is the Head Golf Coach at Jesuit High School of Tampa.


Since he began practicing full time in the residential real estate in the fall of 2014, Nico has been involved in the transaction and management of over 100 properties with a total value of nearly $20,000,000.


With a degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida and past experience in the home building and remodeling industries, Nico focuses on helping homebuyers find and purchase new construction homes. He also helps home sellers looking to sell their properties that also require significant renovation.