7 Steps to Crafting a Better Sales Story

Take a look at your listing presentation. Is it working for you?

Are you getting as many listings as you want? 

If you aren't getting all the listings that you want, it may be time to craft a better sales story. 

According to Donald Miller the StoryBrand Process, think of your listing presentation as a story. 

As humans, we have evolved from our story telling ancestors. We are hard-wired to listen to and retain stories more so than any other type of medium. 

The better the story the higher the probability of remembering and liking it. 

In your listing presentation, you are trying to convey a message to your potential clients. But, in your old listing presentations you were most likely conveying the wrong message. 

To get more listings, here are the seven steps to crafting a better sales story:

1) Introduce the Hero

In many cases, this is exactly where most listing presentations fall flat. And once you have failed in the first step, you have lost your potential client for the rest of your presentation. 

First, you must understand that you are not the hero of the story. Your client is the hero of the story. And as the hero of the story, your presentation should be focused significantly more on them and less so on you. 

In fact, you as the real estate agent aren't even introduced into the story until step three. 

If you are telling the story of the hero, you want to know as much about them as possible. Find out information about their family, their jobs, their interests, what they like and dislike. The more you know about the hero of the story, the more you can relate to them and tell their story. 

2) Introduce the Problem

In every story worth remembering, the hero must overcome some obstacle in order to get to the end of their journey. Otherwise, you would have a story about nothing. 

The problem for your client may seem obvious to you - they need to sell their home - but there is significantly more detail that goes into this problem. 

Some of the issues the hero needs to figure out include why do they need to sell their home? (That is the most important question to answer.) How will they sell their home? What do they need to do to sell their home? 

3) Introduce the Guide

We have our hero (the sellers) and we have the problem (selling their home.) Now comes the time to interject yourself into the listing presentation. 

Every hero, no matter how great, can't accomplish everything on their own. Every hero needs a coach, a mentor, a sage, or a wise elder. 

You are the guide that will direct the sellers to the end of their journey. You are the one to help them answer their questions of why, how, and what to do to sell their home. 

You are the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker. You are the real estate agent that will help them sell their home. 

4) The Hero Practices the Strategies of the Guide

While the guide certainly has a very important role in the journey of the hero, the story is not about the guide. The story is about the hero. It is time to remove yourself from the listing presentation as much as possible and make the story about the sellers. 

You can think of this step as the training montage in the Rocky movies.

You have heard what the seller has to say, and have understood their needs and wants. You then have to give the seller your expert thoughts and suggestions as to what needs to be done to get their house sold.  

5) The Hero Implements the Steps Proposed by the Guide

We are at the critical turning point in our story by this fifth step. Our hero now has the tools, practice, and experience to face their problem head on. 

This is the point in the story when we find out if the seller is willing to make those small renovations to their house to make it sale-worthy. This is the point when we find out if they've kept their house in tip top condition for pictures and future showings.  

If the hero of the story followed the advice of the guide, you can skip to step seven of this process. If not, keep moving on to step six. 

6) What Happens if the Hero Fails

Sometimes even the best heroes with the best coaches don't always overcome the obstacles that are in their path. 

What happens if your seller's home has been on the market for two months and they haven't gotten a single offer? What happens when you are under contract and the home fails the home inspection? 

In an ideal world, you wouldn't have to worry about this step, but you always need to prepare just in case. This is the step where you should have answers for any question or objection that the seller may have.  

Sometimes in a story, the hero cannot see the end of his journey. However, it is the duty of the guide to always encourage and inspire the hero to see things through to the very end. 

7) What Happens if the Hero Succeeds

Everyone loves a happy ending. The guy gets the girl. The superhero saves the day. Or the team wins the championship. 

In this scenario, you as the guide have helped the hero of the story, the seller, to do everything they need to do in order to sell their home. 

Looking back at your marketing materials, how much of your listing presentation is about you, your brokerage, and your listing process?  

If you aren't getting the listings that you want, it may be time to craft a better sales story to get more listings. 

Make the seller the hero of your story, and you'll be sure to get the listings you want. Make the seller the hero of your marketing story and you’ll be sure to get a happy ending. 

Nico Hohman

Nico Hohman is the broker/owner of Hohman Homes, a residential real estate brokerage based in Tampa, Fla. Nico is also a contributing author to Realtor Magazine and Inman News, the innovative news source for the real estate industry. Nico has contributed his time and talents to better the standards of the real estate industry and the local community by leading and serving on committees at Greater Tampa Realtors, Emerge Tampa Bay, the University of Florida School of Construction Management Alumni Council, Toastmasters International, Nativity Catholic School, and Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Guild. Plus, every fall, Coach Hohman is the Head Golf Coach at Jesuit High School of Tampa.


Since he began practicing full time in the residential real estate in the fall of 2014, Nico has been involved in the transaction and management of over 100 properties with a total value of nearly $20,000,000.


With a degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida and past experience in the home building and remodeling industries, Nico focuses on helping homebuyers find and purchase new construction homes. He also helps home sellers looking to sell their properties that also require significant renovation.