Business Background

I worked as a Communications Coordinator at Keller Williams St. Pete where I ran the brokerage social media, promoted in-office training to current and new agents and co-moderated a panel discussion for agents who earned 100 percent commission in their first year. Later, I transitioned into working as an assistant for a high-production broker associate in the office.


Community Involvement

I want to get more involved in my community. The last community service project I did was a beach cleanup alongside the Sunshine Skyway bridge.


Personal Info

I enjoy waking up to do yoga because it helps me find my peace. I'm a dedicated lover of reading historical fiction, watching foreign films and doing the occasional sewing project. I go to the beach with family and friends when we can get together. I'm also a foodie and I enjoy trying new recipes whether cooking or baking.

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Beryl Johnson

Proudest Moment?
Co-moderating the "First Year Cappers Panel" that was my brainchild. I was really proud of seeing that event come into fruition.

Perfect Day?
I do yoga in the morning and then I get ready and explore a new (to me) shop in Tampa or St. Pete. I have a leisurely lunch and then head home as the sun sets. Then, I make dinner and chat with my sister about our respective days.

Favorite Neighborhood?
I like Old Northeast in St. Pete for the cute bungalow-style homes and the peace and quiet in that neighborhood. I love driving through Virginia Park in Tampa because I love the charm of varying styles of architecture. I think that's the strength of older neighborhoods in Florida.

Superhero Power?

Experience Checked off Bucket List
I traveled to the islands of Mykonos and Santorini in Greece as well as Istanbul, Turkey last summer with my sister. It was my best vacation thus far.

Favorite Board/Card Game?
Is it bad to say Operation? I've played Scrabble more often.

What's for Dinner Tonight?
Pasta and meatballs. Maybe a roast beef if I find a good recipe in time.

Strong and smart women inspire me. Whether I meet them or they're public figures, I enjoy watching women boldly and unapologetically going after their goals. If I become half the woman my mother and my sister are, I'll be in good company.

Most Binge-Watched Show?
"Vikings" was the last.

Best Business Advice?
Stop to think. Thinking about where you want to go and creating a plan to get there is one of the most important things you can do.

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