Business Background

Andrew has worked in the restaurant industry nearly his entire adult life. He began as a manager of Red Barn in Colorado at the age of 19, and has had a continued track record of successfully growing individual and multiple restaurant locations for several chains and franchises including Red Lobster, Smokey Bones BBQ, Cheddar's Casual Kitchen, Coffee Culture, and Buca di Beppo. Andrew has been recognized several times by his peers and within the industry as a hard working and dedicated leader with the highest of integrity.

Community Involvement

Andrew is an active parishioner at Nativity Catholic Church in Brandon, Fla. Andrew has severed as a lecture and minister for nearly twenty years. You can find him nearly every year during Nativity's annual Novemberfest making some deep fried delicious goodies at the churro booth.

Personal Info

Andrew grew up with 4 brothers and 3 sisters with an even larger extended family. His father was in the Marines and later in the restaurant and hospitality industries, making moving and traveling a regular thing growing up. Born in Hawaii, Andrew has lived in nearly half of the States across the country. Andrew and his wife, Jo-Hanna, have been married for over 32 years and they just recently welcomed their first grandchild into their lives.

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10 Interesting Things You Need to Know About...
Andrew Hohman

Proudest Moment?
Besides getting married to my lovely Bride in 1985, anything my kids did for the first time; talk, walk, throw, score (goals, TDs, HRs), and all of their other accomplishments. 

Perfect Day?
Breakfast, Church, Beach, Grilling out, Game night, all with family and friends

Favorite Neighborhood?
Valrico Grove - But Anna Maria Island is my favorite beach neighborhood

Superhero Power?
Harry Potter's wand - Not a traditional super hero, but that wand can do just about anything. 

Experience Checked off Bucket List?
Went to Chicago with my sons during the World Series which the Cubs won.

Favorite Board/Card Game?
Apples to Apples - but there are many.

What's for Dinner Tonight?
Whatever's on the grill - love to cook out

From people who serve and do things for other people who have no means or ways to pay them back. 

Most Binge-Watched Show?
A tie between Last Man Standing and Modern Family

Best Business Advice.
If you take care of your people, treat them with respect, provide them with the training and tools to do their job in a fun and great environment, and have open and honest communication with them, they will perform at a level you could never dream of, and you will have built a culture of success.

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